Engines That We Use For Our Games

Engines That We have Used:

  • Rpg Maker Vx Ace


This Engine Allowed us to Make Legend of the Vampire Queen Episode 1, The Halloween Special and the Christmas Special

  • Rpg Maker MV


This Engine is Allowing us to Make Episode 2 and

 Major Number Titles of Legend Of The Vampire Queen.


Engines That We Will Down The Road:

  • Gameguru


This Engine Will allow us to make an awesome side series called Wrath OF The Vampire Queen which takes place in a corrupted Timelines.

  • Unity


This Engine will allow us to make The Alternate Timeline for Legend of the Vampire Queen and much more down the road.

  • Leadwerks

    This Will Allow Us To make a 3D Rpg Based Game of Legend of The Vampire Queen.

  • Esenthel Engine